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2nd L.A. city employee who tested positive for coronavirus has died, Garcetti says

Garcetti announced the first death two weeks ago. No further details were given, but neither worked in the police and fire depratments.

A second Los Angeles city employee has died after testing positive for COVID-19, Mayor Eric Garcetti said Friday, April 24.

Earlier this month, Garcetti had announced one person died. He did not give further details on the now two workers who have died amid the novel coronavirus pandemic, but neither were employed in the fire and police departments.

“We’ve had two deaths of city employees … unfortunately. Our heart not only breaks those families, but for city employees who knew these employees as well,” he said.

He added that some city employees have deaths in their families, “even though they weren’t employees.”

A total of 189 city workers have tested positive so far for COVID-19, with 20 of them in the fire department and 75 in the police department, he said.

He also said 305 additional city workers are in isolation.

According to a mayoral aide, one city employee is hospitalized and 60 have recovered.

The numbers of cases among city employees could potentially go up in the coming week, with testing becoming available to certain “critical” workers without symptoms. Previously, testing had only been available to people with COVID-19.

In addition to city workers, those who work at grocery stores, pharmacies, at hospitals and other healthcare settings and first-responders should be able to get tested, even if they do not have symptoms.

But the workers will need to go to their bosses to find out how to sign-up for tests. The mayor’s office has provided information to department heads, the grocers union, the grocery association and hospitals, on how their employees could register for testing, according to mayoral aide Harrison Wollman.