All mail election? Return to sender: John Phillips

Using the coronavirus as her excuse, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, is calling for the 2020 presidential election to be entirely vote by mail.  Because, after all, what’s good enough for the PennySaver, Bed, Bath & Beyond coupons and Fashion Doll Quarterly, is good enough for our democracy.

Speaking to MSNBC’s Morning Joe, the San Fran ma’am said, “In terms of the elections, I think that we’ll probably be moving to vote by mail.”

She also added that congressional Democrats had pushed to allocate increased funding in the recent $2 trillion relief package “to get those resources to the states to facilitate the reality of life: that we are going to have to have more vote by mail.”

In addition, Pelosi tried to use the stimulus bill as her opportunity to make “ballot harvesting” the law of the land.

Even though ballot harvesting may sound like something organic you’d buy at the farmer’s market, it’s much more sinister.  In reality, ballot harvesting is a process where a political operative comes to a voter’s home, collects their absentee ballot, and delivers it to a polling location.

The only thing Pelosi wants more than exporting this practice to the rest of the nation, is gourmet ice cream from a $25,000 freezer.

In her mind, “voter fraud” is any election won by a Republican.

But President Trump wasn’t having it.

On the stimulus package, Trump told Fox and Friends, “the things they had in there were crazy” and that “they had things — levels of voting that if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again.”

He then went on to tweet, that he tuned into a “portion of low rated (very) Morning Psycho (Joe) this Morning in order to see what Nancy Pelosi had to say, & what moves she was planning to further hurt our Country.”

Look, if you want to vote by mail, you should be able to, but Nancy Pelosi shouldn’t be able to force it on you like it’s some kind of paper straw.

On that, the evidence is clear — millions of Americans prefer to vote inside a voting booth.

According to the 2010 Cal Tech/MIT Voting Technology Project, voters who mailed in their ballot were much less confident in the integrity of the voting process, with only 57 percent of poll respondents saying they were “very confident” their vote was “counted as cast,” compared to 74 percent of in-person voters.

In Oregon and Washington, elections are almost entirely vote by mail.  The same study said voters in those states were the least confident that their votes were counted as cast.

Additionally, Cal Tech/MIT found that more than 16 million voter registrations in the U.S. are likely to be invalid.

Anecdotally, I live in an area that currently has an all vote by mail special election going on to fill a vacant state senate seat.  In addition to my ballot, the county registrar of voters sent me a ballot for someone, who, as far as I can tell, hasn’t lived at or been registered to vote at my house for at least seven years.  I called a friend, and she told me the same thing happened to her.

The very foundation for democracy in America is a voting process that should be at least as credible and reliable as the voting for PEOPLE Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”.

Voting in person also guarantees you a secret ballot.

There’s a big difference between filling your ballot out behind a curtain, and doing it on the kitchen table for everyone in the house to see. Think about the coercion and bullying that the elderly, handicapped and those with domineering spouses or children could be subjected to if they dared to vote differently.

Voting is a very personal, private affair that should be taken seriously and respected.  It’s also a constitutional right.

Nancy Pelosi’s wacky idea of an all mail election should be returned to sender.

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