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California Residents, Disneyland Has a New Ticket Deal for You

What to Know

  • Buy a three-day ticket and use on “any three separate days” through Sept. 30, 2021
  • The $249 ticket gives you entry into a single park on a single day; make it a park hopper for an additional $55
  • A valid reservation will also be required to enter your park of choice

It’s long been true that one good thing often leads to another around Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure.

If you hear music in the distance, you may soon see a parade march by. If you smell cinnamon, there’s probably a churro cart in the vicinity.

And when the fireworks return to The Happiest Place on Earth, as they did on July 4, after over a year away?

It’s almost like something else amazing is in the air, even if you can’t quite see it just yet. And so it is: Disneyland Resort just announced a new, savings-strong, limited-time ticket deal for California residents.

The limited-time part?

Before we buckle in, and pull on the yellow strap, we best address the window for this special offer: Three-day tickets went on sale on July 6, with an end-date of Sept. 30.

An important point about the final date: If you purchase this ticket, you’ll need to use all three days before the final day of September 2021.

You can use all three days on your ticket in one consecutive go, say over a Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, if you like, or pop by a park on three different non-concurrent dates over the next few months, as your schedule allows.

And we did say “a park” there, in singular fashion, which leads us to the next must-know asterisk: The $249 ticket, which works out to $83 a day, is good for one park, one day.

But here’s the bibbidi-bobbidi twist to this magical plan: You can add on a park-hopper option for $55, if you’d like to hop between Disneyland park and Disney California Adventure.

After all, there are new-to-you (and all of us) goodies in each park, including a charming reimagining of Snow White’s Enchanted Wish inside Disneyland, fresh and frightful artworks inside Disneyland’s iconic Haunted Mansion, and, of course, the just-opened Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure.

How to score this savings-filled sweetness? By visiting, ringing (866) 572-7321, or going to a travel agent.

As for one more sprinkling of fairy dust?

There are hotel deals on right now, too, including 25% “select stays” at both the Disneyland Hotel and Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa, through Oct. 2, 2021.

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National Rescue Dog Day Is Here and Tails Are Wagging

What to KnowMay 20 is National Rescue Dog DayAll six LA Animal Services centers are open (by appointment only)Southern California is home to numerous rescue groups, including those that focus on specific breeds

Love songs that details how humans me…

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The Word Is Snout: It’s National Dog Day

What to Know

  • Aug. 26
  • Several rescue groups are open and ready for virtual pre-visits or in-person appointments, with face coverings and distancing
  • Best Friends Animal Society of Los Angeles just released a video in honor of adoption, love, and National Dog Day

The most offbeat holidays? The national food events devoted to iffy dishes? The weird seasonal to-dos that come with a host of quirky customs?

We’re sometimes called upon to dig a little deeper into the back story of a stranger celebration, all to understand the whys and how comes of the holiday’s origins.

But when it comes to Aug. 26?

No digging deeper is required, unless you’re watching your pup dig deeper in the yard: It’s all about dogs, all dogs, the dogs we love, the dogs we know, and the dogs we wished we knew, because we’d surely love them, too.

National Dog Day is August’s most ebullient event, and while your dog doesn’t need or want a parade, though, if you threw one, he’d probably chase it, you can find ways to honor the tail-wagging-est to-do of the year.

An extra treat or two, a new squeakie, or a trot around the block are all nice ways to pour some extra sunshine on your pooch.

And if you’d like to adopt a local pup, several rescue organizations are open and ready to chat with you about setting up a safe and socially distanced appointment.

Best Friends Animal Society is currently holding virtual visits, if you’d like to see your future sweetie via camera. Setting a visit up? It’s as easy as getting your pup to jump on the couch and snuggle next to you (an invitation few Fidos would refuse).

The group also shared a tug-the-heart video about animal adoption, as well as how we’ve spent the pandemic with our pups, in honor of National Dog Day 2020.

Wherever you go, whether it is on a jog with your furry and enthusiastic co-jogger, or straight to a rescue group’s site, know that August won’t end before we pay some loving thoughts to the woofers of the world.

It’s a good and gladdening way to send of summer, a season that seems to be the doggiest of all, thanks to its sunshiny ways, warm demeanor, and penchant for pool play.

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Kids, Local Artists Will ‘Zoom Your Room’

What to Know

  • Aug. 27, 2 to 3:30 p.m.; space is limited, so RSVP
  • Two artists will create a free custom Zoom background for your child
  • Orange County Museum of Art is temporarily closed

“Who did your Zoom?” is not a question we thought we’d be asking in 2020, and yet, well, we are, or at least we’re putting spins on that particular query.

For when a friend, co-worker, or relative has an especially panache-packed background, we want to know its origins.

If your tot has been longing for something more lively, perhaps for long-distance Zooms with cousins on the weekends, there’s a way to find it, and to make it especially whimsical, too.

And downright cool. For two artists are teaming up with the Orange County Museum of Art to create individual Zoom backgrounds for kids during an Aug. 27 event.

It’s called We Zoom Your Room, and there are a few components to the process, including filling out the RSVP.

But wait! This is no traditional RSVP; artists Frankie Martin and Forest DerrMartin of Pumpernickel Palace have requested that your child share a favorite joke beforehand.

Then when the virtual happening begins on Aug. 27? Your kid can let the Pumpernickel Palace artists know what sort of ” …Zoom background that they want the artists to create for them.”

After the event concludes, you’ll receive the background via email.

“Since each Zoom background responds to individual requests, they’re created exclusively for the participants,” meaning your youngster can tell the grandparents they’re rocking a one-of-a-kind, artist-created Zoom look.

Spaces? They’ll fill up for this one, so RSVP soon for this art-forward afternoon event.

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Celebrating ‘A Century of Votes for Women’

What to KnowThe Natural History Museum has an online exhibit called “Rise Up L.A.: A Century of Votes for Women.” Free online conversations will pay tribute to the 19th Amendment while looking aheadThe Hollywood Heritage Museum has a film-…

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Pink’s Hot Dogs Is Reopening

What to Know

  • Wednesday, Aug. 12 reopening (the original La Brea Avenue hot dog stand closed on March 15)
  • 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily
  • New safety protocols, including mask wearing and outdoor-only dining, are in place

Trying to recreate your own Hollywood Walk of Fame hot dog from home?

Let’s be honest: It’s going to have its challenges if you’ve never made one before.

The cole slaw has to possess just the right amount of zing, the bun has to have that perfect toothsome chewiness, and the frankfurter at the center of the action? It’s no standard-sized dog, but rather one that measures nine inches.

And though you made a valiant effort, you were likely dreaming of actually stopping by Pink’s Hot Dogs, the hallowed hot-doggery of La Brea Avenue in Hollywood, for that classic Hollywood Walk of Fame hot dog, your ultimate favorite Pink’s temptation.

Dreams will again be answered for hot dog-obsessed locals, beginning on Aug. 12, when Pink’s returns after a nearly five-month closure prompted by the coronavirus pandemic.

A message to the stand’s fans appeared on its social media on the morning of Aug. 11.

“Tomorrow is the day! Pink’s, A Hollywood Legend Since 1939 has been closed since March 15, the first time we closed in 80 years,” the message began.

“We have brought back all our employee staff, many of whom have been with us over 10 years, and some over 20 years.”

“Our focus has been on safety.”

Those fresh policies are included in the post, which you can read here.

Dining, which was previously both indoor and outdoor, has moved fully outside, and there’s a new “front door ambassador” to remind guests to don their face coverings while visiting the beloved restaurant.

And, of course, you can get your dogs to go, and that ultimate hot dog complement, an order of Pink’s chili fries, which people have done for decades.

Been missing your Walk of Fame frank, your Guadalajara Dog, or that Mushroom Swiss Cheese Dog?

Peruse the menu again, and decide what you’d like to eat first after Pink’s time away. Or, of course, you can mull while you queue up, a longtime Pink’s tradition, all while keeping physically distanced from other Pink’s-loving fans.

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Savor Vegan Street Fair Vibes in Your Own Kitchen

Need a happy picture in your mind?

The summer sun: It’s doing its warming, high-in-the-sky-ing, sunshine-ing kind of thing.

In your hand: A brimful bowl, one that contains cous cous and broccoli and sliced almonds and a piquant sauce.

The uplifting scene unfurling all around you: It’s the Vegan Street Fair, a veggie-vivacious, fruit-strong staple of the Southern Californian food festival calendar.

It has been delivering the noshes to North Hollywood for several years now, but, like all food festivals that were previously set to happen in the summer of 2020, it has been canceled.

At least as an IRL event.

But “in real life” has taken on different dimensions in recent months, and vegan foodies are now meeting online, via a virtual Vegan Street Fair.

The hankering-filled happenings aren’t happening all at once, back-to-back, however; you can check in on events throughout the month.

And there are several savory happenings to come in August, including a Veganism 101 Cooking Class with Jocelyn Ramirez on Aug. 17 and a Live Cooking Class with Chefan of Plate of Hue on Aug. 19.

You’ll polish your own plant-based plate skills during this time, all while helping the treasured vendors of the event during the pandemic closures.

And if you need those outside-at-the-fair vibes, you’ll just want to step out your door, with a meal you created thanks to the guidance from accomplished vegan chefs, and enjoy your creation under the sun.

Want to join in, help out, and show this long-running fair the love? There’s a Patreon page, and plenty of information on at-home vegan goodness here.

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Celebrate the Colorado Street Bridge From Afar

What to KnowAug. 9-15, 2020Virtual event includes a car show, a children’s event, member perks$20-$25

So you just received an invitation to a bridge party?

You’re probably going to ask what snacks you’ll need to bring, or drink…

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Saunter Through Pasadena’s Bygone Speakeasies

What to KnowSaturday, July 256 p.m.$25 suggested ticket (donate what you can)

The Rose City, by its very name, seems like it must be one of the most sun-dappled, blue-sky’d spots in all of Southern California.

After all roses, which are sy…

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Halloween Horror Nights Will Scare Next Year

What to Know

  • Universal Studios Hollywood’s autumn eek-tacular is canceled in 2020
  • The theme park remains temporarily closed to daytime guests, too
  • The team behind HHN looks forward to creating “an amazing event” in 2021

Where do the famous villains of popular culture go when they can’t haunt groups of gleeful fright fans?

Does Chucky return to the toy shelf? Might Michael Myers head back to Haddonfield?

Wherever the iconic eekers of Halloween Horror Nights live when they’re not scaring maze goers at Universal Studios Hollywood, they’re probably heading there now.

For the not-so-wicked word arrived from the world-famous theme park on July 24 that the falltime fright festival would not happen in 2020.

The pandemic is the reason for the cancellation and the park’s dedication to preserving the safety of its guests.

Halloween Horror Nights traditionally opens on a Friday night in the middle of September and shudders, er, shutters on the Saturday or Sunday following Halloween night.

The large-scale event, which features mazes based on popular horror films and eerie original ideas, as well as live performances, specialty foods, and more, doesn’t keep the lights on, or rather off, every night of the week, but rather on evenings in and around the weekend.

Stay scared, horror buffs, for the theme park is looking forward to conjuring “an amazing event” in 2021. What’s next? Fans should keep watch for more information on the Universal Studios Hollywood social pages in the months to come.

Universal Studios and NBC Owned TV Stations operate under the same parent company NBCUniversal.