UC faculty group recommends nixing alternative SAT exam

In another blow to the future of standardized testing for University of California admissions, a faculty group has recommended nixing the use of an alternative assessment to replace the SAT in a new report to UC leaders. The UC Board of Regents, in a move that reverberated nationally, unanimously voted last year to drop the use […]

95% of teachers meet LAUSD’s COVID vaccination deadline, union says

About 95% of Los Angeles teachers union members have met the school district’s Friday deadline to be vaccinated against COVID-19, the union announced Thursday evening. The teachers union represents more than 30,000 teachers, nurses, counselors and librarians. The vaccine requirement applies to all Los Angeles Unified employees — about 73,000 — as well as parent […]

Mark Ridley-Thomas indictment: What happens to the L.A. sites that bear his name?

If you’re wandering Los Angeles, you might encounter the name “Mark Ridley-Thomas” on a pedestrian bridge spanning La Cienega Boulevard. His name has also decorated a new wellness center, a high school health center, a youth facility, and a “constituent service center” with government offices. Then there’s the Mark Ridley-Thomas Behavioral Health Center at the […]

Cher’s suing Mary Bono over Sonny and Cher royalties

Call it a Cher fight. Cher is suing Sonny Bono’s widow over royalties to songs the pop icon made famous with her ex-husband as the musical duo Sonny and Cher. Cher filed a $1-million federal lawsuit Wednesday against former Rep. Mary Bono, a trustee of the Bono Collection Trust and other individuals, accusing them of […]

L.A., San Diego school districts are sued over student COVID vaccine mandate

California’s two largest school districts — Los Angeles and San Diego — are targeted in lawsuits challenging their student COVID-19 vaccination mandates, alleging the vaccines are too new and that unvaccinated children face discrimination and the denial of their equal right to a public education. Both school systems were ahead of the state in requiring […]

L.A. political world stunned by corruption indictment against Mark Ridley-Thomas

Los Angeles’ political and community leaders were stunned by the corruption indictment handed down Wednesday against Mark Ridley-Thomas, one of the city’s best-known and longest-serving officials. Ridley-Thomas is accused of conspiring with Marilyn Louise Flynn, who at the time was dean of USC’s School of Social Work, to steer county money to the university in return for […]

Brother of prominent L.A. attorney Tom Girardi asks to be named guardian as law firm heads for Chapter 7

The brother of prominent Los Angeles attorney Tom Girardi has asked a judge to appoint him as a guardian over his sibling, asserting that the elderly lawyer “is incompetent and unable to act for himself.” Robert Girardi, a dentist in Seal Beach, told a bankruptcy judge in a petition Wednesday that his 81-year-old brother, famed […]

Investigators trying to determine role of unprecedented port gridlock in O.C. oil spill

With the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach facing unprecedented gridlock, investigators are trying to determine what role the congested shipping lanes played in the massive oil spill that has fouled the Orange County coast since early this month. Investigators are probing possible issues with the way ships are anchoring or drifting off the […]

L.A. port truckers win $30 million in wage theft settlements

One of the world’s largest trucking companies, XPO Logistics, agreed Tuesday to pay $30 million to settle class-action lawsuits filed by hundreds of drivers who said they earned less than minimum wage delivering goods for major retailers from the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach. The combined settlements, approved by U.S. District Judge R. […]

Foul odors in Carson declared public health nuisance

Foul odors emanating from the Dominguez Channel were declared a public health nuisance by the Carson City Council on Monday, with Los Angeles County health officials making a similar declaration. The odors, which have been likened to rotten eggs, vomit, unwashed body parts or a “fart bomb,” are probably caused by hydrogen sulfide from decomposing organic material and have […]