Bay Area Beaches Still Open But Only For Locals – So Naturally They Are Overrun By Tourists And May Have To Close

Beaches continue to be a major issue.

There are 10 million Los Angeles County residents cooped up in their homes …

Temperatures are expected to hit 92 degrees in the San Fernando Valley this weekend.

Beaches are open in Ventura County … but closed in Point Mugu State Park.

Parking is banned along pacific Coast Highway in many places above County Line Beach …

But a few beaches near Deer Creek and County Line are not in the state park … and thus not subject to closure orders.

The city of Malibu has requested an additional Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies to patrol the western part of our city … expecting large crowds that might be tempted to use beaches here.

LA County beaches remain closed under order by the county Department of Public Health … frustrating local residents who want to walk in the sand.

In the San Francisco area … similar problems.

Officials there have tried to leave beaches open for coastal residents … but it is not working.

San Mateo County has not closed their beaches … but instead has banned nonessential travel more than 5 miles from home.

“We had hundreds of people on the beach and practically anywhere they could find a place to sit along the coast line,” last weekend … one deputy said.

“Most families encountered had packed their family vehicle with bags of toys, food and items for a full day at the beach.

“Most people seemed to be aware of the health orders but decided to take the chance in coming out to the beaches and complied with the verbal warnings.”

The Sheriff’s Office up near Half Moon Bay has issued more than 900 verbal warnings and more than 300 written warnings for violations of the county’s order over the weekend.

Only a few fines were issued … they can range from $50 to $1,000, and they can be challenged in court.

In Pacifica … the police chief estimates that roughly 45% of the vehicles counted on Highway 1 were from outside of five miles from where they are registered.”

The Pacifica mayor Deirdre Martin says she is alarmed because unsafe conditions are occurring and, “as a result the City may be left with no choice but to close the beaches entirely to everyone unless conditions improve.”