Centaur line play dominates in win over West Torrance

The Culver City high school varsity football team kicked off the 2021 fall season with a 31-0 win on the road against West Torrance last Friday night.  The offense, defense and special teams made special plays in the first game of the season, but what really stood out was the play of the offensive and […]

Support the Afghan People

Twenty years ago, on 9/11, I was protesting the Taliban and Osama bin Laden at the WLA Federal Building in Westwood.  Now 20 years later, I am protesting the Taliban takeover and Biden’s betrayal and abandonment of American allies in Afghanistan. In the 70’s, I backpacked extensively throughout Afghanistan from the Kyber Pass, Jalalabad, Kabul, […]

Zoning Changes about Freedom

This week, the California Legislature, a graveyard of many past bills allowing for more housing stock, finally took action and passed SB 9 and SB 10, both of which ease restrictions on building new housing. SB 9 even legalizes duplexes and lot splits on most single family home zoned properties in the state. The legislature […]

R1 Zoning is not exclusionary

To state this plainly: single family housing zones do not equal exclusionary zoning. Nor is it racist to aspire to owning one’s own home in an area which is predominantly made up of single-family residences! Homeowners and Renters alike need to beware of the misrepresentation and misuse of terminology such as “exclusionary housing” to confuse […]

Better housing will help with water

As California enters into a state of near-permanent drought, cities like ours need to be be mindful of how our policy choices impact our resources… in particular our most precious resource: water.  That’s especially true when we’re deciding exactly where and how future Culver Citizens will be housed.  Culver City’s General Plan staff has analyzed […]

Discarding R1 Zoning does not address problem

Measures that take action to eliminate R1/single family zoning when implemented as suggested do nothing to create much-needed affordable and low-income housing.  It does nothing to increase access for first-time homebuyers, people of color, seniors, disabled and those seeking to enter the housing market.   What it does do is commodify housing further such that […]

Mixed Media sculpture Culver Current extended through Spring 2022

The City of Culver City is proud to announce that Culver Current, a groundbreaking mixed media sculpture created by Los Angeles-based artist Nate Mohler, has been extended for a second year of exhibition.  The stunning interactive “fountain” displays a combination of generative video art on a sculpted cylindrical façade. Culver Current will feature two new […]

Critical Race Theory is not a threat to kids

By Paul Green There are more than a few challenges that our schools are dealing with both locally and nationally. But one of the most polarizing issues that’s upending many school administrators, teachers and parents is the concept of the Critical Race Theory. The subject has been the cause for division educationally, racially and even […]

Culver City Unified becomes first district to require vaccinations for eligible students

In a move that marked a first across the nation, Culver City Unified School District started its 2021-22 school year with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all eligible students 12+. District spokesman Geoff Maleman told NPR that teachers were in strong support of the mandate. “They were very concerned, particularly some staff members who are […]