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FBI says fortune seized in Beverly Hills raid was criminals’ loot. Owners say: Where’s the proof?

The FBI's attempt to confiscate tens of millions of dollars from Beverly Hills safe deposit boxes draws resistance and charges of government misconduct.

Will the Santa Monica-Malibu schools divorce go forward? Yes, but ….

The secession movement shows no sign of ending anytime soon.

Dozens of protesters gather for anti-vaccine rally in front of L.A. City Hall, no problems reported

About 100 people show to mostly peaceful anti-vaccine rally at Los Angeles City Hall.

The Central Valley gives California a recall rarity: a squeaker of a race

Nearly everywhere you look in California, the special election to kick Gavin Newsom out of the governor's mansion was one blowout after another.

COVID-19 vaccination rates lag in younger Black and Latino residents in L.A. County

Vaccination rates among L.A. County Black residents up to age 49 remain below 50%, and among Latino residents in the same age group, below 60%.

Wildfire reaches Giant Forest; fate of giant sequoias unknown

The KNP Complex fire reaches the edge of the Giant Forest, which is home to about 2,000 giant sequoias.

LAPD officers need COVID vaccine or negative coronavirus test to work overtime at big events

LAPD officers need COVID-19 vaccine cards or negative coronavirus tests to work big events that provide them extra money.

Critically ill COVID-19 patients waiting days for ICU beds in Central California

One Fresno area hospital had nine critically ill patients who weren't able to get into the intensive care unit for more than three days.

A wave of armed robberies along Melrose Avenue highlights bigger problem

A string of armed robberies in a popular shopping district highlights a rise this year in the number of robberies involving guns.

Column: L.A.’s first responders are suing for the right to put themselves and public at risk

While some firefighters join the resistance, others speak up in support of the COVID-19 vaccine.