Chargers introduce highly anticipated new uniforms

The Chargers pulled off the mission-impossible feat of promoting new uniforms for weeks without it being leaked on social media before the reveal date.

For something that was supposed to be confidential, the Chargers spent the past month building hype by giving players and national reporters a sneak peek. Most of them tweeted raving reviews followed by emojis and gifs expressing their excitement. One review called it the best uniforms in the NFL.

The Chargers promoted harder than boxing promoters trying to sell a pay-per-view fight.

The marketing push led to 6:45 a.m. Thursday for the grand introduction on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football” with star defensive end Joey Bosa as the presenter.

Drum roll please …

Well, the Chargers tried to tell you. The Chargers officially released their handful of uniforms with a promo video that said “told ya.”

The Chargers returned to the classic helmets with numbers and made the uniforms pop with the bright powder blue and gold. They also released an all navy blue uniform.

“The all navy has always been my favorite and those are even cooler,” Bosa said.

The Chargers started the uniform hype March 24 after releasing their new logos. They teased it by saying the unveiling of the uniforms would come in less than a month and added this bold statement for it:

“Ultimately, when you have the best uniform in sports, the goal is not to reinvent the wheel with wild new design. You evolve it. You simplify it. You take what people love about it, and you make it even better.”

A handful of teams, like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cleveland Browns, Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, have released new uniforms in the past month, but none of them promoted the unveiling the way the Chargers did. Some might have shied away from it after the Falcons had their uniforms leaked and received countless negative reviews, including a video roast from the Carolina Panthers.

The Chargers welcomed the pressure, and to many, they delivered. Doubt an AFC West rival will poke fun at these uniforms.

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