City In Dark If Big New Paradise Cove Sewage Treatment Plant Is Safe, Planning Comm Wants Data

The owners of the Paradise Cove trailer park subdivision have a major problem … and so now does the city of Malibu.

Last night … the Planning Commission voted by a 3 to 2 vote to demand more information about how a new sewage treatment plant is going to operate at paradise Cove …

That’s the subdivision of 258 mobile homes … and a giant restaurant … that’s under s State Water Board order to clean up chronic, decades-long water pollution violations.

The state ordered a new sewage cleansing plant to be built … paradise Cove built it … but the owners failed to even apply for City fo Malibu construction permits.

The plant was built … new sewer lines were pout in … the city issued a stoop work order.

But the state water board order to operate the new plant remains.

Last night the Planning Commission voted 3 to 2 to have city staff further investigate the sewage plant’s installation and operations … worried that it has not been designed or inspected properly. 

Commissioner Jeff Jennings said the matter is frustrating … but leaving the plant almost finished is simply a bad idea.


JEFF JENNINGS: “Yeah it kind of rankles … but by God …. this is a solution that has been a long long time coming that needs to be taken care of … and that is why I am going to vote no … not to continue it.

“But go ahead John.

JOHN MAZZA: “In 2005 … the Malibu Surfside News had a picture on its front page of sewage running down the street, OK?

“The city goes ‘okay we got a problem … here let’s fix it’

“Here we are 15 years later with a failure… and the Regional Water Board . because we slid on it.

“Now is out chance to fix it.”

That’s planning commissioners Jeff Jennings and John Mazza … last night.

By a 3-2 vote … the commissioners asked for the city staff to bring technical data about how the sewer plant will operate.

But as one commissioner noted … the amount of data being requested may take weeks to assemble.

And the State Water Board wants the new sewer plant turned on pronto.