Coronavirus: Restaurants Urge Californians To Order Out For ‘The Great American Takeout’

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Californians have been hunkered down in their homes for at least a week now, but they’re being asked to venture out in support of the many restaurant workers who have been hit hard financially by the coronavirus outbreak.

A coalition of Los Angeles-based restaurants are urging people to participate in the Great American Takeout Tuesday by ordering out from their favorite restaurants for at least one meal.

“Restaurants are a major part of the heart and soul of Los Angeles and throughout CA, and they are all struggling right now,” a news release said.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s shelter-in-place order shut down dining-in at all California restaurants, coffee shops and other establishments that serve food. The change severely impacts wait staff, who depend on tips, and as many as 7 million restaurant workers could lose their jobs over the next three months.

Some restaurants are upping the ante by offering discounts. The Cheesecake Factory is offering a free slice with orders over $30, while the California Pizza Kitchen is offering an immediate $10 off any $40 order. Miguel Jr., which has locations in Orange County and the Inland Empire, is waiving its third-party delivery fees through April.

Customers are being asked to buy at least one takeout or pickup meal Tuesday, urge their family and friends to do the same, and document their purchase on social media with the hashtag #thegreatamericantakeout