Cruise Ship Passengers Not Screened For Coronavirus-Like Symptoms Before Getting Off

CHARLESTON, S.C. (CBS Local) — More than 2,000 passengers who returned to Charleston, South Carolina, Monday morning after what for now will be the final cruise to the Bahamas were apparently not screened for a fever before leaving the ship.

This, after Carnival Cruise Line said on Sunday that passengers would be screened, CBS affiliate WCSC reported.

“We walked right off the boat,” one passenger said.

Carnival now says after consulting with authorities, passengers and crew did not show flu like symptoms, so the temperature check was not necessary, despite the spread of COVID-19.

Passengers told WCSC they had their temperature taken before the Carnival Sunshine left Charleston on Thursday. They also said there was lots of sanitizer on board and that crew members constantly wiped down areas.

“They did take our temperature, everybody passed, no problems, the whole boat was fine, we had a great time,” passenger David Johnson said.

“We had everything prepared, we had our sanitizers, our disinfectant, everybody was good,” passenger Renee Simmons said.

After learning it was coming back, city officials asked the state’s health department to establish and enforce appropriate medical procedures before anyone leaves the ship.

A health department spokeswoman says the agency worked with the Centers For Disease Control and the ship’s senior doctor to ensure no one showed any symptoms of the virus.

But Uber driver Joey Bussman, who picked up some of the passengers from the ship, is concerned.

“It’s not only that they’re dropping off people right in the heart of Charleston, there also are people on this cruise that are going out to other states where they’re flying or driving right now, and you never know what’s going to happen.”