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Dan Fouts On New Chargers QB Justin Herbert: ‘They’re Getting Everything They Want’

Former Los Angeles Chargers quarterback and Hall of Famer Dan Fouts thinks the team made the right move in selecting Herbert.

(CBSLA)- When the Los Angeles Chargers selected Oregon’s Justin Herbert with the 6th overall pick in last week’s draft, the intention was clear. Herbert is expected to be the franchise’s next long-term solution at quarterback, replacing the departed Philip Rivers.

While we’re still months if not years away from knowing whether or not that is the case, one of the franchise’s legends is pleased with the pick. Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Fouts spoke to the team’s website about the former Ducks signal caller and said he is exactly what the team was looking for.

“They’re getting everything they want. Obviously, the physical tools are there, the intelligence is there; the toughness, competitiveness. He’s a good guy,” said Fouts. “(And I say that) not just because he’s a Duck and now he’s going to be a Charger. I’m very excited to watch him play.”

That last line had to be added in there of course because Fouts is an Oregon alum himself, having set 19 school records in his time in Eugene. The Chargers of course, are hoping that Herbert follows in Fouts’ exact footsteps going from a star with the Ducks to a star in the NFL.

In Fouts’ opinion, the Chargers have a good quarterback room to nurture Herbert in because of the presence of veteran Tyrod Taylor. Even with that nurturing, there is always a steep learning curve for a rookie quarterback though Fouts believes Herbert’s intelligence will make it easier for him.

“But any quarterback that gets his start in the league as a rookie, there is so much to learn. You don’t even have any idea how much you have to learn, but you do learn every day,” said Fouts. “I think that’s the key. When you’ve got the brain that Herbert has, I think learning will come easy.”