‘It’s Really Emotional’: 120-Car Convoy Thanks Healthcare Workers At Kaiser Permanente In Anaheim

ANAHEIM (CBSLA) — Horns were honking, there were loud cheers and shouting, and hand-made signs were being waved. It wasn’t a game at Angel Stadium, or the parade at Disneyland — it was a show of support and thanks for healthcare workers.

Healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente, in their work-wrinkled scrubs and face masks, took a much needed break to wave back at the 120-car convoy of former patients, police and fire crews who drove past the medical center to thank them for being the front line of the battle against COVID-19.

“This is just so amazing,” said Monique Faia, who works as a pharmacy tech.

“I just feel like this is why you do it, you know,” RN Nicole Laflamme said. “It feels good to be appreciated it.”

Healthcare workers across the country have been working around the clock as cases of coronavirus pile up. Many have tested positive themselves, and even if they haven’t, they are forced to quarantine themselves away from their families to avoid exposing them.

“Right now, it’s really emotional,” Faia said, her voice breaking from underneath her mask. “It makes me appreciate that I have a job and appreciate my family and appreciate my coworkers.

“I just appreciate that I am healthy to do what I have to do.”