LA County Tax Collector Site is Down on Property Tax Due Date

The Los Angeles County tax collector website was down as many were likely making property tax payments Friday on the deadline.

The online system was experiencing difficulties processing payments.

“We were experiencing significant web traffic this afternoon. We have made some adjustments that have helped and it’s smoother now,” said LA County Treasurer Keith Knox.

The site said once the payment system was back up, the site would accept payments through midnight.

LA County officials also reminded residents that as an alternative, payments could be made via United States Post Office mailed payments, postmarked by Friday, April 10, 2020.

Residents can also make payments by phone using credit/debit card payments at 1(888) 473-0835. There is a fee of 2.25% for card payments over the phone that will not be waived, county officials said.

If all else fails, county officials said residents can screenshot the error message and submit an online request for penalty cancellation.

Here is the site.

The site also asked residents to check back periodically through the evening to see if it was back up and running.

The tech problem comes after complaint from some taxpayers that Gov. Gavin Newsom hadn’t put a stoppage, or extended the deadline, for property tax payments.