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MODMASKs: Bringing Style, Durability and Same-Day Delivery Service to Masks

Los Angeles-based company manufactures reusable stylish masks By Staff Writer With orders requiring Los Angeles residents to wear face-covering while…

Los Angeles-based company manufactures reusable stylish masks

By Staff Writer

With orders requiring Los Angeles residents to wear face-covering while shopping for essential goods, masks have become a must-have item. MODMASK, a woman-owned local-brand based out of West LA is meeting this demand by designing and manufacturing reusable comfortable masks that they market as soft on the skin and stylish on the outside.

In an interview with MODMASK founder, Maryam Garg, she states: “Medical masks are a precious commodity. We need people to remain safe while keeping medical resources reserved for the medical system.”

Designed, manufactured and shipped from Los Angeles with sustainable fabrics made in the USA, MODMASK non-medical face masks are built from some of the same fibers as high-end athletic wear. According to the company, these have been tested to last for over 100 washes while still retaining the structure and silky hand feel.

“MODMASK marries function with style and comfort,” Garg said. “Disposable masks are built purely for function and are terrible for our environment. Cotton masks feel woefully inadequate and quite frankly start to break down and lose shape after a few washes. We make MODMASK using a carefully selected Micro Modal blend that’s used by famous fashion houses.”

Micro Modal, known for its premium softness, is a sustainable fiber derived from beech trees. Being thinner than cotton, Micro Modal is breathable and wicks moisture well. Most importantly for masks, Micro Modal has natural anti-microbial properties and unlike cotton which gets damp and retains odor, Micro Modal filters bodily fluids more efficiently and holds its shape even after extensive use.

In addition, unlike cotton, Micro Modal is shrink resistant, and unlikely to fade, so colors stay vibrant.

“After thoughtfully researching alternatives, we chose MODMASK to be made out of Micro Modal despite its significantly higher price point to make and manufacture locally, for sustainability, durability, softness, and all-day comfort without odor,” Garg said.

In addition, MODMASK has an array of stylish patterns, which customers of theirs note as being “on point”

“Love the designs so my husband and I can easily see which mask is ours. It’s comfy, washable, reusable and keeps my family safe when we need to go out on essential errands and appointments!” wrote a MODMASK consumer Christine.

Since they last so long, you’ll want to buy a new mask, not as a replacement, but to add to your collection.

As the MODMASK website states: “MODMASK face masks are trendy, last a really long time, and make it easy to practice good social behaviors for the good of humanity. MODMASK is always manufactured in small batches, so that we can be picky about only selecting the best fabrics, while making sure that the prints are always in style.”

MODMASK’s mission goes much further beyond the company. Every mask purchased from them results in a donation of a mask to our community’s front-line heroes.

To learn more about MODMASK, visit, or check out their Instagram at