Musician Serenades Senior Residents Locked Down By Coronavirus Outbreak

BRENTWOOD, Tenn. (CBS Local) — At a time when most shops are closed and performances have been canceled, a musician in Tennessee found a way for the show to go on.

David DeLoach has turned a sidewalk at an assisted living facility into a stage. His audience includes his mother and some of the other residents of the Harmony at Brentwood in Brentwood, just south of Nashville.

The facility has gone into lockdown as a precaution to coronavirus. However, DeLoach didn’t want his mom to feel alone during isolation — so he found a way to see her, even if it’s 40 feet away.

“I thought hey she’s got a balcony — it’s on the backside of the building. I can go around back and talk to her from the side and still see her face to face,” he told CBS affiliate WTVF. “And I thought, well hey she likes my music, I’ll just bring my street rig around and play for her.”

DeLoach has gone a few times this week — playing guitar and singing from outside the building to anyone who wants to listen.

“I’ve done thousands of gigs in my life and I enjoy this more than any I’ve done before,” he said.

He says music can be the best remedy for the soul during this difficult time.

“I can’t underestimate the power of music in a time like this,” he says. “And kindness may be the best medicine for the heart.”

DeLoach says he will continue going back as much as he can to play, because he believes music can get us through anything.

“We’re all in this together and there’s things we can do, little things that make a big difference as they are multiplied across many people,” he said