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NCAA approves new rules ahead of the 2020 football season

The NCAA approved new rules involving targeting, instant replay and pregame protocol heading into the 2020 football season.

The NCAA Playing Rules Oversight Panel approved a handful of new rules and updates on Monday in advance of next season. Highlighted by the change of allowing players who are disqualified due to do targeting to remain on the sidelines, the NCAA approved rules involving targeting, instant replay, pregame protocol and duplicate jersey numbers.

Instead of being ejected from the game and forced to return to the locker room, which has been the rule since 2013, players who are called for a targeting foul can now remain on the field with their teams. All other targeting rules remain the same.

The panel also approved a new guideline in terms of video reviews. Supported by the NCAA Football Rules Committee, officials will have less than two minutes to review instant replay calls and complete video reviews. The set time limit hopes to continue efforts in increasing the pace of play.

Additionally, if the game clock expires at the end of a half and replay determines there is time remaining, the clock will start on the referee’s signal after the review only if there is at least three seconds remaining. If less than three seconds remain on the clock, then the half is declared over.

Due to concern surrounding negative interactions between teams, the panel approved a new rule requiring officials to be on the field 90 minutes before kickoff, instead of the current 60-minute mark. Officials’ jurisdiction will begin at this extended time. The panel is also proposing a coach be present on the field during pregame warm ups as well as making sure all players are identifiable by number.

The panel also approved a rule limiting the restriction on the number of teammates wearing the same jersey number to two. Teammates who share the same number must play different positions and aren’t on the field at the same time. Starting next season, players can also wear the No. 0 as a legal number.