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Officials Name Nursing Homes Impacted By Coronavirus Outbreaks

State health officials have released information about nursing homes in California impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — Nursing homes have taken a tragic hit during the coronavirus pandemic.

Residents there — many of whom are above 65 and have underlying health conditions — are among the most vulnerable to this virus.

California Department of Health officials have detailed the names of nursing homes across the state with COVID-19 outbreaks and the number of cases at each facility.

“There are 20 nursing homes and care facilities that have had outbreaks with more than 20 residents testing positive for COVID-19,” said County Health Director Barbara Ferrer.

At 142 cases, Brier Oak on Sunset in L.A. was among those with the highest number of people who tested positive, according to the list. 58 patients and 15 staff tested positive at the Country Villa South Convalescent Center in Palms and the Garden Crest Rehabilitation Center in Silver Lake had 35 patients and 35 staff test positive.

A 21-year-old nursing assistant recently died of coronavirus following an outbreak at the Extended Care Hospital of Riverside, one of the facilities to have an outbreak.

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This is the first time the state’s health department has released names of impacted nursing homes and the number of cases at each facility.

To see the full list, please visit the California Department of Public Health website.