‘Oh My Gosh’: Firefighters Help Woman Give Birth In Toilet Paper Aisle Of Walmart Store

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. (CBS Local) — Customers cheered after a woman gave birth in the toilet paper aisle of a Walmart store in Springfield, Missouri, last week.

“We were like oh my gosh, is this actually going to happen,” store manager Jessica Hinkle told KYTV.

When the woman’s water broke while she was shopping on Wednesday, she was prepared to go into labor right then and there.

“We were like what do we do now?” she said. “Another lady comes around the corner and she says ‘I’m a labor nurse, can I help?’ and we said yes, yes please. She had gloves in her pocket [and] she was ready.”

Springfield firefighters rushed into the store to help deliver the baby girl and posed for a picture afterwards.

“They’re the typical fire department that shops in our store, so they were pretty proud of themselves,” Hinkle said.

The entire process took about 45 minutes.

“They took her out on the gurney, there were customers of course gathered [and] she kind of raised her hand, everyone clapped for her,” she said.

Hinkle said she touched base with the woman Thursday and both mom and baby are doing well.