Will Employees Continue To Work From Home After The Coronavirus Crisis Ends? Tech Expert Discusses Tips For Handling The New Normal

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — More and more Americans are working from home, and for some, it’s a change that may outlast the pandemic.

Home offices have become a laptop on a kitchen counter or a corner of the couch, but now that working from home may become a more permanent practice for some companies, it’s important to readjust.

“You just need to make sure you have a dedicated space where you can replicate your office set as much as possible,” said tech expert Jessica Naziri. “A kitchen table will do, just as long as it’s a relaxed position and that your screen is a proper height and distance.”

Naziri said if it looks like working from home will be a long-term situation, now would be a great time to adjust in some gear.

“If you can, I really recommend an ergonomic desk, one that is a standing desk. That you’re standing up and looking eye-level at your laptop with, with books or just a monitor,” Naziri said.

“A company that I like is, Autonomous. They do really great standing desks where you can change the level but also it has really great chairs too. You know your neck will eventually strain if you’re just hunched so make sure even if you don’t have the ergo chair that you’re sitting in a space that is eye level. So wellness is super important when it comes to working from home and being productive,” she said.

Naziri said sometimes it’s the simpler pieces of equipment that can make all the difference.

“An external screen, a mouse, a keyboard, this will be a more natural posture,” she said. “You don’t want to just be awkwardly on your computer the whole day.”

It is wise to invest in other amenities like better wifi, getting an extender, and getting a monitor.

Some experts say working trends around this pandemic may follow us into the future, but one Southern California research firm estimates that even before the crisis is over, a quarter of Americans — more than 75 million — will be working from home.